DSKIC – RUBIKA Students win 10th PDF- Autodesk Design Swarm

Dhruv Khosla, Yr 3 -Digital Design along with Aniket Chatterjee, Yr 1-Transportation Design, Don Anthony, Yr 3 – Product Design & Mark Mathew, Yr 2 – Product Design students won the Autodesk Design Swarm with their concept – A manta ray shaped device that would dredge the ocean bed and collect plastic waste. Viraj Chauhan, Final Year student – Digital Design & his team won 2nd place with their concept – A set of modular carrying equipment that would suffice grocery shopping needs and UjwalI.K – Final Year student – Digital Design and his team won the 3rd place in the 5 hour challenge for their ‘Edible Packaging’ solution to fight the environmental crisis.