2014 Awards — SIAM Automotive Design Challenge

DSK International School of Design (ISD) does it again! DSKIC ISD Rubika Students have won the Automotive Design Challenge of 2014.

Organized by the Society Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), the challenge took place at DSK International Campus a few weeks ago and the winners were declared at the 9th SIAM Styling and Design Conclave held in Pune recently.

The winners of this year’s competition are:

1st Place — Rajshekhar Dass with his Hyundai/Ferrari Hot Hatch
2nd Place — Mathew Vinod with BMW Pick up
3rd Place — Mark Timothy with another BMW pick up truck

The team was guided by our experts Mr. Andre Elista, HoD Transportation Design, Mr. Nigel Lopes, senior Prototypist and Mr. Rutviraj Magar, painting and detailing expert. All students supported by our Digital Design team headed by Mr. Rattan Gangadhar, HoD Digital Design with the support of Amit Inamdar, 3D Printing.