2010 IDEA Awards — Product Design Students Win Gold and Bronze!

One of the most prestigious global awards for industrial design, the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) are held annually, where an international jury judges the projects based on their aesthetics and usability. DSK International School Of Design (ISD) bagged the Gold and Bronze awards from among more than 2000 projects, submitted by students from over 28 countries.

This performance places us, this year, in the 2nd position among the top 5 design institutes world-wide having won this prestigious award.

Two Product Design Year 3 students, Akaash Dewan and Florianne Rousse Marquet won prizes for their innovative designs. Akaash Dewan won the Gold award for the ONEDOWN mousetrap. Florianne Rousse Marquet won the Bronze award for the BIRDHOUSE. The award ceremony took place in Portland, USA on the 7th of August 2010.

It was a matter of great pride for DSK International School of Design as this was the very first time that students from the school had participated in such a prestigious contest. Winning 2 awards out of 3 in the student category meant that the DSK School distinguished their participation with a great performance.


Gold Winner

OneDown, by Akaash Dewan

OneDown is a humane rat trap, working on the BOP toy principle, it creates a new visual association to the usual rat trap.

Onedown will change the way you trap those pesky rodents. The trap rests precariously in a horizontal position on a circular foot, bait inside would lure the rat into the trap, a metal insert in the base coupled with the weight of the rat will tip the trap and bring it to a vertical position indicating that a rat has been trapped.



Bird House, by Florianne Rousse Marquet

Birdhouse is exactly what it sounds like, a mini house for birds. It can be installed in a flower pot on a balcony, or just hanged from a tree branch, making it convenient for both urban and countryside environments. The shape of the top and bottom of the house is curved, so it can collect the rainwater in either hanging from a balcony or a tree branch.