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Become A Design Manager

In this era, often referred to as ‘The Third Industrial Revolution’, design industry is reckoned to be a major force in the growth of any economy. However the millennial generation has spearheaded the change in how we build and use products and technology. Hence it is imperative that organizations recruit trained young talent to tackle with the millennial consumer needs. Emerging markets like India have started to invest considerably, both in terms of finance and intellectual capital towards design. Taking advantage of the growth, ISD was established in India to provide quality education to young talents and thereby create industry ready designers.

Course Specialization

Culture — Truly International

A perfect platform for the students to learn design in context to the global industry practices. At ISD, there’s a healthy blend of students and trainers belonging to India and other foreign nationalities.

Curriculum — Industry Centric

At ISD, the curriculum is completely focused on creating industry ready designers. It allows the students to work in a studio like environment and also get trained by best trainers who have been handpicked from the industry.

Industry Connect — Practical Approach

At ISD, the students are provided with the opportunity to interact with the best from the industry. Nexus points are established in terms of masterclasses, internships, final year jury, thereby allowing the students to be evaluated by the industry itself.

Tools & Technology — Well equipped and latest

At ISD, we provide the students with the latest tools and technologies in lieu of what is being used by the design industry. Rapid prototyping machine, cintiq tablets, Alias studio, thermoforming machines, clay-modeling tools, paint booth, laser cutting machine are available to the students.

ECTS & RNCP — Recognition

The courses at ISD are recognized by the globally accepted European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). On successful completion of the course, the students are offered an International Masters from the Government of France and RNCP (National directory of professional certifications) by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Valenciennes.