While Animation is  predominantly considered as an ‘Entertainment’ industry, it has also been used in industries like real estate, military applications, training, oil & shipment, advertising, and education in the 21st century. Initially known for creating content that only appealed to children, today it captivates the masses — children and adults alike — and is no longer confined to a particular set of audience. Thus, quality of output plays a very important role in the industry.

Keeping this in mind we train students in an international set-up by experts from around the world. Animation is an art-form that cannot be mastered by learning software alone, but relies on development of skill and creative expression of ideas in an engrossing environment. Technology is only a medium to help students in the process. It’s their imagination that we aim to nurture and transform them into leaders of tomorrow.

In other words, we aspire for our students to be well rounded professionals with global employability.