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Animation is both an art and science, involving different technologies in a world-wide multi-billion dollar industry. We teach our students the global filmmaking process in animation and VFX. Specialized trainers from the industry mentor students in a studio-like environment.

The 5 years Program in Animation offered at DSKIC comprises of an exhaustive course curriculum which allows the students to learn and implement the entire production pipeline of animation.

Collect, Look, Analyse

Be open minded, inculcate artistic knowledge and explore various approaches of drawing, modelling and communication. In the process your observation skills are enhanced allowing you to express your thoughts more creatively.


Understand the process of animation and various theories applicable to it. You will start learning the various facets of 2D animation and Visual effects in your initial years and gradually develop the skills for 3D animation from 3rd year onwards.

Mastery of Artistic Tools

Learn clay modelling, classical life sketching , typography & infography, visual communication. Through the process understand theimportance of volume, proportion, symmetry, gesture & human anatomy- concepts that are very important for animation

Mastery of Technical tools

Learn various softwares and tools that will assist you in expressing your ideas efficiently in a digital platform. The latest facilities and technology as used by leading animation studios are made available to the students

Project Delivery

Internships and Masterclasses are a very integral part of the curriculum. Through the processs students learn the best industry practices used in delivering projects in the global animation industry

Project Management

Understand the esssence of 3D animation Film Making through the process of Pre production, production and Post production. Project management is an essential component of the course which allows the students to create a production pipeline for their projects.