About DSK International Campus

Established in 2007, DSK International Campus (DSKIC) is an International Design Institute that has successfully brought practical learning to India; to bridge the gap between the education provided and skills required by the Industry.

Located in Pune, the State-of-the-Art residential institute provides highly industry-centric, professional programs in Product Design, Transportation Design, Animation, Video Game, Fashion, Interior Design & Graphic Design. DSKIC is committed to become an International Center of Creative Excellence that Shapes Talent, Leads Change.

Further, aiming to foster an interdisciplinary environment through higher education in the fields of Design, Management and Technology, DSKIC will soon become DSK World University (DSKWU). With the University Act already received (Act no. XXXIX dated 3rd May 2017) from Govt. of Maharashtra, DSKWU is merely a few steps away from becoming a State Private University.